ALTERNATIVA SRL is a company that provides consultancy services in the management of the fleets of used vehicles.
His team is led by managers with thirty-five years of experience in the management of used cars in a famous renting company.
Alternativa is the pivot around which rotates the relationship between Customer and Supplier in the handling trade of used vehicles.

We can summarize the service that we offer by the following keywords, which have become for us and for our
Customers and Suppliers synonymous with high-quality service:

     high-quality service     


Alternativa chooses and certifies its customers and suppliers by following a few basic indicators,

in particular, we require:

  • Financial strength
  • Experience gained on the market
  • Quality of service offered


The planning in the management of used vehicles is the main activity of Alternativa.

Planning in this case means follow in real time the evolution of the Automotive Business,

with a particular perspective of costs reduction.


We believe that the more dynamic is the planning,
the more consistent is the reduction of costs that can be obtained.
Alternativa has created a software capable of handling in real-time the supply and the demand, 
between customers and suppliers, that are respectively those that require the vehicle and those
who offer the fleet or the individual vehicle.


Alternativa provides to expound all that concerns the logistics of the distribution of vehicles,
planning the delivery as soon as possible at the lowest cost,
and taking care of everything related to the documentation accompanying each car.

Alternativa is able to guarantee that the assistance to all the requirements of the customer and/or provider
will be satisfied in the shorter time, ensuring a high quality service.
All this can be possible thanks to an efficient call center available to our customers and suppliers at all times of the day.

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